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The Pickle Bar is a new restaurant, retail and recreation concept that combines the sport of pickleball with a southern-inspired restaurant and sports bar. 

Spanning over 40,000 sq/ft, the Pickle Bar includes a casual restaurant and bar, 9 outdoor pickleball courts (4 covered and 5 un-covered), a game yard and a stage, creating a concept like no other!

What's The Pickle Bar all about?

Hear all about The Pickle Bar from one of our Founders, Alisa Tolliver.

What's the story behind those yellow shirts?

a man wearing a white shirt

If you come to The Pickle Bar, you will see our servers wearing a really bright and really unique t-shirt.  On the back they say "Today is a good day to have a good day!"  It was a saying that our Uncle Mike used to live by and at The Pickle Bar, we do too!

We created the t-shirts so you could easily see our servers throughout our facility AND because we believe that having a good day is a choice.  You can wake up each morning and choose to have a good day and we hope you choose to make it a good day with us (or on a pickleball court near you)!

Team Pickle Bar